Procedure for Invoicing & Declaration of turnover during the period of suspension of registration has been amended– Rule 21A

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    1. The Rule 21A talks about the suspension of the registration. The sub rule 3 specifies, in case of suspension, the supplier should not make any taxable supplies. Which is leading to interpretation of holding up the activities till the date of revocation.
    2. Hence, an explanation has been inserted for Rule 21(3) to clarify that the expression “shall not make any taxable supply” shall mean that the registered person can make the supplies but should not issue a tax invoice and, accordingly, should not charge tax on supplies made by him during the period of suspension.”;
    3. New sub rule (5) has been inserted to specify that, in case of revocation of suspension, the supplier shall
      (a) Issue revised invoices (Tax invoice) for the invoices already issued – (Sec 31(3)(a))
      (b)Declare all such turnover in the first return to be filed after revocation of cancellation – (Sec 40)
    4. The Explanation is to avoid the unintended ambiguity in the law. And also, to specify that he is not authorized to collect any tax
    5. Further, the new sub-rule is to fill the gap and provide the process to be followed after revocation

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