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e-invoice APIs For Developers

India’s most secured and easy to integrate APIs certified under ISO 27001:2013. We are among the first batch GSP licence holders and one of the pioneers of the field serving our clients from the past 5 years.

  • Seamless integration with your ERP through APIs
  • Transparency in pricing
  • No need to whitelist your IP address as the encryption and decryption is done by our servers
  • One Login for all your clients and an exclusive dashboard to monitor client wise API calls
  • 100% data privacy with us as our servers never store your data

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API Solutions GST Software  Simplifies GST Return Filing

Best e-Invoice Software For Generating , Updating and Cancelling e-Invoices

India’s Most trusted e-Invoicing software with more than 35 crore invoices generated from our platform.

  • Generate e-Invoice In One Click
  • Easy to use with minimum training for beginners.
  • Import e-Invoice data from excel
  • SYNC with GSTN in one click
  • Manage your data all at one place

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Integrate your ERP with our connector and process the invoices directly from your ERP.

MasterGST E-Invoice SAP Connector:

At MasterGST have integrated the SAP with E-invoicing and have given our clients a detailed way to process and store their invoices. Additionally, this SAP-integrated add-on allows calculating and filing GST hassle-free.

Generate E-Invoice within your Tally:

Using MasterGST Tally Connector, you can directly export sales data from Tally into MasterGST for filing GST returns in a single click.

  • Using MasterGST Tally Connector, you can directly export sales data from Tally into MasterGST for filing GST returns in a single click.
  • No visit required at govt. e-Invoice portal
  • It helps to avoid the manual hassle of downloading and uploading data to the GSTIN
  • Improves the accuracy of GST filing for Tally users
  • Reduces your data preparation time significantly
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MasterGST - Frequently Asked Questions

"Please Signup Explore the Features of MasterGST - A GST Software - A licensed GSP"

Presently, IRN can be generated only by the taxpayers notified. That is taxpayers whose turnover is more than Rs. 20 Crores.

All APIs have to be tested in the sandbox environment. Each API with at least 50 success cases and 50 failed cases with different errors to be tested.

The asymmetric algorithm (RSA/ECB/PKCS1Padding) and symmetric algorithm AES256 (AES/ECB/PKCS5Padding) and SEK are used to encrypt the request payloads of the POST API methods and to decrypt response payloads. It may be noted that SEK is generated and passed by the e-invoice system while sending the authentication token.

The signing of an invoice is required by the rules notified by the Government of India. A placeholder for digital signature has been added in the e-invoice schema, and hence if a signed e-invoice is sent to IRP, it will accept the same.
The IRP will digitally sign the e-invoice after it has been validated. Will share the e-invoice and the QR code with the document's creator and the recipient.
Once it is registered, it will not be required to be signed by anyone else.

There will NOT provide a placeholder in the e-invoice schema for the company logo. This is for the software company to provide the billing/accounting software printed on his Invoice using his printer. However, will not send the Logo to IRP. In other words, it will not be part of the JSON file to be uploaded on the IRP.

As of now, there is no change in the generation of the e-way bill process. It will exist along with the e-invoice system. There will be an additional facility to generate the e-way bill based on the IRN.

There is no need for whitelisting the IPs to test on the Sandbox.

Testing can be done using GSPs virtual GSTINs for different states.

It is not advisable to send the same request or the same transaction continuously or multiple times. However, the taxpayer system acts rather than firing again based on the transaction's response. If it happens, the e-invoice system will block that user's requests for one hour.

The authentication token generated by the e-invoice system is valid for 6 hours on the production system. However, the developer's effective testing has been set for 1 hour in the Sandbox.

The API-consuming application generates an app key. It is a 32 byte AES key.

The same App Key sent in auth request only needs to be used to decrypt the SEK that has come as the response to the API call using the Symmetric AES algorithm.

Will provide the QR code to the seller once he uploads the Invoice into the Invoice Registration system, and the same is registered there.
The seller must print the QR code on the printed Invoice.