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MasterGST – Best GST Software India 2022

Filing GST returns in India using MasterGST cloud-based software is easy. Here is a quick guide on registering in MasterGST, Pay Tax and filing returns. MasterGST is the easiest way to pay and manage your goods and service tax. GST was accepted, and implementation started on 1st July 2017 in India.

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Two types of services will be provided under MasterGST:

  • Customer data – Enable Tax practitioners to process GST transactions on behalf of their customers.
  • Application Integration – Assist the companies in integrating their applications with the GSTN using MasterGST API connectors.

MasterGST will be the technology partner for enabling the CAs/Experts, Tax practitioners/Consultants to help their customers to achieve GST Compliance. Many companies would already be using Accounting software. Many software companies have announced that GST updates will only be available for a particular version.

For example, Tally has announced its GST update will only be available for Tally ERP 9 Release 5.5 and above. MasterGST will enable businesses to need GST solutions outside their current software updates. The key factors for choosing MasterGST will be ease of use, security, handling large volumes of transactions and high availability.

Let’s get started with GST tax/invoice/returns filing


You need to open our website, i.e., or just click on this link which helps to open the MasterGST website. Then click on SIGNUP to get registered in MasterGST.


After you click on SIGNUP, then this page gets displayed. If you want to sign up as a Cas/Cam, then click on it or else tax professional, business, etc. To say it simple which type you want to sign up for, you just need to click on that icon that helps you register.


Here I am singing up as a business. Here you need to fill in all the details like business name, Email id, password, mobile number, address, any ERP, any branches (if you have additions, then just click on yes if not, then no) and after filling all the details click on SUBMIT. Then you will receive a Time Password (OTP) to the registered mobile number.


Once you have clicked on SUBMIT, you will receive a Time Password (OTP) to the registered mobile number. This is to verify your given mobile number. After typing the OTP, click on VERIFY MY NUMBER. 


Once your number is verified, the completed page will appear. And then, you can click on CONTINUE TO LOGIN to login into your account and access your account. This screen shows you are successfully registered to MasterGST.


Once registered, you can log in using your Email Id and password. After filling in your details like Email Id and Password, click on log in. You will be logged into your account, and you can access your account.


Once you are logged into your account, you can add Business or Team, depending upon your requirements, just by clicking on it, where you can access your dashboard, reports, connectors and team.


After clicking on your preferred choice, which one to add, you need to add details of the team, business, or clients you will add. Here I am going to add a company. After filling in all the details, you need to click on ADD. 


After adding the business, it shows all the industries which you have added and further also, you can add the companies by clicking on ADD BUSINESS. It also offers you the Mismatched Invoices Stage (currently in which stage you are in the process of filing the tax). You can click on Work on this.


Once clicking on Work on this, you can easily manage Pay Tax and file returns and the mismatched invoice and ledger balance. You can access Purchase Register, Returns, Payments and Ledger.


Once you have clicked on Purchase Register, you can add your purchase invoices by clicking on Add Purchase invoice and Import invoice. You can also download the template; upload your invoice to GSTN directly just by clicking Download Template, and Upload to GSTIN, respectively. You can know the mismatched invoices by clicking on Mismatched Invoices.

You can apply filters to sort the invoices. In the returns, you can now in which stage of filing the returns you are currently in. by clicking on the payments, you can now all the gains made, and the Ledger shows you the ledger balance. The dashboard gives you all the details of the stages and the number of invoices. It pretty much acts like a summary. So the MasterGST is simple, easy to understand and handle.

First, businesses need to verify which software version they presently use. This will help determine whether a GST-compliant update is available for their current system. Similarly, SAP has released the minimum support pack level of software required for GST transformation.

Updating current software to move forward with GST will require much less effort and expense than implementing a whole new system. But, if a business is already running on old software, it may have no choice but to take the more drastic measure of implementing a new system. MasterGST will enable connections from the existing ERP using pre-configured connectors to the GST Network. We will provide the Integration services and develop a custom-built GSP solution using the MasterGST APIs and solutions.

MasterGST, a product from Tera Software Limited – GSP Licensed holder from GSTN |, is Technology Partner for GST Software providers in India.

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MasterGST - India's Best GST Billing , Invoicing & Billing Software. GSP(GST API) product from Tera Software Limited - GSP Licensed holder from GSTN