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Welcome to MasterGST ( A Licensed GST Suvidha Provider ) - GST API Developers community and this portal intended and specifications are related to GST APIs. This GST API portal will also host Playful GST API (REST API) and sandbox information and MasterGST GST API Portal will be a one stop shop for developer's, who wanted to build innovative application for GST Returns & Filing Software , GST Accounting Software Tax payers, GST API Integration with ERP's and Third party Software Integration. Please signup to get your own GST API Sandbox / GST API Testing keys.

Pricing Details:

For more details contact +91 7901022478

MasterGST - GST API Sandbox Information :
To use GST API Sandbox Credentials Please follow below Steps :
  1. Sign-up with MasterGST - Sign up
  2. Login into MasterGST by clicking here.
  3. Click credentials on menu-bar, click on create credentials button.
  4. You will get a popup enter the required details in that and then submit.
How to Start:
  1. Create GSTN Sandbox Account (Please select GSP as "Tera Software Limited") - Click here
  2. Sign-up with MasterGST - Sign up
  3. Login -> Credentials -> Create Credentials
  4. Once you receive the Sandbox Details from GSTN, start using GSTN Username & GSTN Number along with MasterGST API Credentials
  5. GST API Support Forum : Click here
  6. For Payload, Please click here GSTN API Documentation.

Please refer the below GST API Documentation
Click here to Watch GST API Demo Video
Click here for GSTN API Documentation.
Click here to Download Return Filing Process Through API.
Click here to Download Error Codes.
Click here to Download New Returns Filing Approach.
Click here to Download GST API Reference Documentation.
Default OTP for GSTR1 authentication in sandbox is 575757

Enabled GST API Methods and You can test here

Use Base URL as:


Error Codes : Click here

Additional Help : Please follow us on GSP/ASP Google Group

To Create GSTN Sandbox Account click here

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These are initial versions of GST APIs and are subject to change as GSTN system is still evolving and still in implementation phase. GST API Developer Community will be informed about such changes through announcements through our portal and notifications.