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Commercial Tax:

Commercial Tax is a indirect tax and generally imposed by state govt on various products sold in that state.
Commercial Tax is an imposition of Tax on the scheduled Commercial goods as indirectly collected by the seller or purchaser against his business transaction which now comprises of Sales Tax, Entertainment, Luxury Tax, Entry
Tax and profession Tax. GST replaced many taxes,This is one of the taxes but on some commercial products GST not applicable such as:

    • Items Containing Alcohol:

Alcoholic beverages for human consumption would be kept out of the purview of GST as an exclusion mandated by constitutional provision. Sales Tax/VAT could be continued to be levied on alcoholic beverages as per the existing practice. VAT is levied on alcohol purchases in some states, and there will be no objection to that. Excise duty, which is presently levied by the states, may also be unaffected.

    • On Petroleum Products:

The full range of petroleum products, including crude oil and motor spirits including Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF) and High Speed Diesel (HSD), would be kept outside GST, as is the prevailing practice in India. Sales tax could continue to be levied by the states on these products with the prevailing floor rate. Similarly, Centre could also continue its levies. A final opinion on whether natural gas should be kept outside the GST will be issued after further deliberations.

As for petroleum products, although the GST constitutional amendment provides for levying GST on these products, it allows the time frame for their inclusion to be decided by the GST Council. Therefore, in the initial years of GST, petroleum products will remain out of the scope of GST.

The existing taxation system under VAT and the Central Excise Act will continue for both of the commodities listed above.

To calculate these commercial taxes, every state has Their own commercial tax departments.

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