How to generate E-invoice and all the details

generate E-invoice

How to generate E-invoice

In the 38th GST Council meeting, the GST Council approved the introduction of ‘e-invoicing’ or ‘electronic invoicing’ in a phased manner for reporting business-to-business (B2B) invoices to GST System and decided to implement the E-Invoicing from 1st Jan 2020. The E-Invoicing system will write only B2B invoices to the GST System. NIC, the first Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), has also made the E-Invoice process through API mode. The GSPs and taxpayers can integrate these APIs into their existing ERPs and generate E-invoice directly through their system.

Process of e-Invoicing :

Create Credentials

After signing up, the user needs to apply credentials for E-Invoice where client_id and client_secret_id will be given in sandbox, but if the user is already in the production domain, they need a product key.

Authenticate API

With sandbox credentials, the first step is authentication, where the user enters the invoicing data (username, GSTIN, Client_Id, Client_Secret etc.) into the system. The data goes to the access point, generating an auth token.

Generate IRN

The second step is to generate IRN by giving the exact previous details (username, GSTIN, Client_ID, Client_Secret etc.), and the domain body will be the same as in the JSON corresponding to the “Data” element of Generate E-Invoice Request above. If the second step succeeds, then IRN will get generated.

Get E-Invoice Detail 

The Final step “get e-invoice details” requires all detail (username, GSTIN client_id, client_secret,param1,auth-token etc.). The generated IRN is the param1.

Cancel IRN

The same goes for Cancel IRN, a user enters all data (username, GSTIN, client_id, client_secret,param1,auth-token etc.), and the JSON code for the body parameter is given in the box located on the left side. But the IRN needs to be changed according.

Request For Free Sandbox Access


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