How to Sign up as ASP Developer in MasterGST and how it works:

STEP-1: Click on this link which helps you to open our ASP Sign up page. At the right top corner there is a “SIGNUP” button click on it.


STEP-2: Fill in all the details like Name, Email ID, Password, Mobile number, Address and then click on the submit button.


STEP-3: You will receive an One Time Password (OTP) to the registered mobile number, after entering the OTP you are successfully signed up, then click on “Continue to login” to login into your account. Fill in the details like Email ID and password then click on LOGIN button


STEP-4: Once you are logged into your account you can access API, Dashboard and can Create Credentials.


STEP-5: In Credentials you can create credentials by clicking on “Create Credentials”, then a pop up appears.


STEP-6: In that pop up the Client id and Client secret id is generate, you  need to add the name and click on SUBMIT. Thus you have created credentials.


STEP-7: In Dashboard you can see the status, traffic, errors, and median lantesy of enabled APIs from 1hour to 30 days.


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