Procedure for claiming the refund amount in cases where the original claim of refund was rejected (in part/full) in RFD-06 but subsequently received the favorable order in appeal or any other forum


In the case of appeals against the rejection of the refund application, the credit amount is not re-credited to the credit ledger until the appeal is finally rejected. And  Currently, the process of request is manual.


  • The regd. a person shall file a new refund application for the same period under the “Refund on account of assessment/provisional assessment/appeal/any other order” category. The application should contain details of the
    1. Type of the Order (appeal/any other order)
    2. Order No., Order date and the Order Issuing Authority
    3. Copy of the present Order (Appeal/Other) and
    4. Copy of the rejection order (RFD-06-Rejection of refund)
    5. The proper offer shall review the same and ask for the additional info., if any
  • Since the amount debited earlier hasn’t been recredited, the regd. A person shall not be required to reverse any credit in this process.
  • After receiving all the documents and details specified above, the proper officer shall issue the refund and payment orders.
  • The amount remained as rejected, if any, shall be re-credited to the respective electronic ledger.

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