What are the steps to integrate e-Invoice API with MasterGST e-Invoicing System?

What are the steps to integrate e-Invoice API with MasterGST e-Invoicing System?

In the 38th GST Council meeting, the GST Council approved the introduction of ‘e-invoicing’ or ‘electronic invoicing’ in a phased manner for reporting business-to-business (B2B) invoices to GST System and decided to implement the E-Invoicing from 1st Jan 2020. The E-Invoicing system will write only B2B invoices to the GST System. NIC, the first Invoice Registration Portal (IRP), has also made the E-Invoice process through API mode. Taxpayers can integrate with the MasterGST E-invoice system to generate e-Invoice and cancel e-Invoice.

What is e-Invoicing?

GST e-invoice is the introduction of the digital invoice for goods and services the business firm generates at the government GST portal. The concept of a GST e-invoice generation system is considered to reduce GST evasion. We can create e-invoices in two types using API and Using e-invoice software.

Generate E-invoice Using MasterGST APIs:

There are 5 types of e-invoice APIs

  1. Authentication
  2. Generate IRN
  3. Get invoice Details
  4. cancel e-invoice

Authentication¬† –

To use any e-Invoice API, we need an auth-token value. We can use the Authentication call to get this auth-token value used in other rings.

Generate IRN –

in this generated IRN, we will send a JSON with all our invoice details. If the parties are correct, I will give the response with an IRN and acknowledgement numbers. Note down the Acknowledgement number to avoid Duplication of data.

Get invoice Details –

We use this call to get the invoice details by just giving the IRN number

cancel e-invoice –

We use this call If we want to cancel the e-invoice.

This API integration with SAP, Oracle, etc., Made it Easy to use MasterGST e-Invoice system. Using this, taxpayers can record the Invoice Reference Number and Acknowledgement number on their system online. These APIs will help eliminate the invoice’s duplicate or double-entry as the GST system will automatically fetch the data from the government system. Automation using APIs will eliminate the errors that can occur during data entry for e-Invoice. The Generation of the e-invoice will automatically generate the e-Way bill and ANX-1 later.

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