What is e-Invoice API? and Who Can use e-Invoicing API?

What Is E-Invoice API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. E-Invoicing API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to interact.

Who Can Use E-Invoicing API?

E-Invoicing API enables data exchange and communication between taxpayers or GST Suvidha Providers and the e-invoice system. The e-invoice system uses RESTful web services to provide various taxpayer functionalities such as filing returns, registration, viewing ledgers, and making online payments. For the government to create a platform to provide GST services to taxpayers, two separate software components must interact with each other per the API specifications.

Users Of E-Invoicing API

Taxpayers and GSPs can use API to adhere to various GST compliances. Listed below are the categories of taxpayers that are eligible to use APIs to generate e-invoices:

Turnover in Previous FYApplicable Date
More than Rs.100 crore but less than Rs.500 crore1st January 2021 (Mandatory, with certain exemptions*)
More than Rs.20 crores1st April 2022*
More than Rs.50 crores1st April 2021*
More than Rs.500 crores1st October 2020 (Mandatory, with certain exemptions*)

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