What is the purpose of using e-Invoice APIs under GST?

What is the purpose of using e-Invoice APIs under GST?

Taxpayers’ convenience is key to the successful implementation of GST. They can use third-party applications that provide a variety of interfaces on desktops, laptops, and mobiles to connect with the GST filing system. These third-party applications connect with the GST filing system via GST APIs, thus, enhancing the taxpayers’ convenience.

Under e-invoicing, taxpayers will generate e-invoices under their respective ERP software and report them on the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). The IRP has constructed the e-invoice process through an API mode. The GSPs/taxpayers can integrate these APIs into their existing ERPs and generate e-invoices directly through their system. 

Types of APIs

At present, seven different APIs are available:

  1. Authentication 
  2. Generate Invoice Reference Number (IRN) 
  3. Cancel IRN 
  4. Get IRN details
  5. Generate e-way bill by IRN 
  6. Get GSTIN details 
  7. Cancel e-way bill 
  8. Sync GSTIN details from CP (Common Portal)
  9. Get e-way bill details by IRN
  10. Get IRN details by document details
  11. Health API

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