How to create eWay bill credentials in MasterGST?

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step 1: To create credentials for eWay bill in MasterGST , sign up into MasterGST as a ASP developer.

step 2: Login into MasterGST using same email Id and password.You will be redirected to dashboard page in MasterGST.

step 3: click on the credentials in the top navigation bar as shown in below image.

Step 4: After clicking credentials you can see two tabs as shown in below, click on e-way bill credentials .

Step 5: In this page you can see create credentials button as shown in below image.

Step 6: On clicking create credentials button a pop up window will open.This popup window contains name , date , client id and client secret id. Enter your name in name filed, Date,client id and client secret id are already available in respective fileds then click on create .


Step 7: Now you can see your client id and secret id in the sandbox keys tab in the same page as shown in below image.


These client Id and client secret id are known as eway bill credentials. By using these credentials you can use eway bill API’s.