GSTIN Search using Pan

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Up until now we only have GSTIN/UIN search to get the taxpayer details. In recent events a new search method is implemented by the government which uses the PAN Number of the Business to get the details of GSTIN/UIN Number, GSTIN/UIN Status, and State in which the Business is located.

Follow the below steps on how to do PAN based Number search.
    1. Open the https://www.gst.gov.in/ in the browser.

2.Select the Search Taxpayer tab from the menu. In that select search b                PAN (or) you can directly open the Search by PAN page by clicking in the below link :



3.Enter the PAN Number and security code and then submit.


4.You will get the details of the Business GSTIN/UIN number, Status, State.


Take a note of that GSTIN/UIN Number which is displayed. To know more about that GSTIN open MasterGST website and click on GST Tools and then GSTN Number Search (or)

You can open the MasterGST GSTIN Number Search page directly by clicking on the following link:



Enter the GSTIN Number that you have and then click on the submit button. You will get the details of Business that owns as shown in below image.