How to add reconcile Configurations

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How to add reconcile Configurations


Login into MasterGST using the same email and password as you registered.


Click on clients from the top menu bar.


Click on the company name. You will get a page with company details. In the Left side menu, click on Configurations.

Step4 :

You will get a page with all Configurations. If you want to change reconcile Configurations, Click on reconcile Configurations.


In this step, you can change the configurations, such as

  • Allowed Tax/Invoice Amount Difference for Reconcile
  • Allowed days for Invoice Date Difference for Reconcile
  • Considers as Matched if Invoice Number matches anywhere in the Invoice Number
  • Ignore “/”(Backward Slash)
  • Ignore “-“(Hyphen)
  • Ignore “0”(Zero/O)
  • Ignore “I”(Capital i)
  • Ignore “l”(Small l)


Click on save to save all the changes.


If you check the reconciliation, it will be according to all the above configurations.