Multi GSTIN Reports

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Multi GSTIN Reports


Login into MasterGST using the same email and password as you registered.


Click on the ADMIN in the menu bar. In ADMIN, click on Multi GSTIN Reports.


In Multi GSTIN Reports, go to ADD GSTN, fill in the ‘ADD GSTN’ part of the application with GST numbers, and separate them with a comma.


In Multi GSTIN Reports, you can add GSTIN by going to IMPORT and selecting the required file for the application and ‘IMPORT’ the GSTN.



The GSTN will be shown in the table. Click on the checkbox on the left side and click on VALIDATE to validate the GSTN and get all details related to the GSTN like company name, taxpayer type, status etc.


You can check the GSTN and all its details by clicking on GSTIN.


You can download the GSTN and all details related to it in an excel sheet by clicking on EXCEL.


To delete the GSTN, click on the checkbox on the left side and go to DELETE.

These are the steps on how Multi-GSTIN works.